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CD in CloudFront using CircleCI and Workflows

CD in CloudFront using CircleCI and Workflows

On the 27 and 28 of April, I was an speaker at the Scale Conf held at RutaN in Medellín, Colombia. I would like to share with you a brief introduction to my presentation.

How we could ensure that our operational systems do not depend on software developers and become self-sufficient to cope with new features.

Achieving a better performance in the development of Software projects is extremely important to not only please our customers but also boost our working teams.

The Continuous Deployment, of the software development projects, has become a essential process. Therefore, it is important that several tools be used to facilitate its use/performance.

The following topics will be discussed during my lecture:

  • How to become part of CircleCI, Github and AWS.
  • Deploying to different areas as proofs, development, staging and production.
  • Understanding how a workflow works out.


ScaleConf Slides


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